First Towne Meeting of the year

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This past Wednesday, Sept. 7. Hamilton “Ham” Center hosted the first official New College Towne Meeting of the Year, the Purple Dress Towne Meeting. Chock-full of information pertaining to both new and returning students, the meeting covered a myriad of subjects ranging from basic introductions of the Cabinet, Room Advisors (RAs) and the Campus Life Coordinators (CLCs) to in depth discussions on the new Academic Center’s student spaces and Gender Inclusive Housing.

Also brought up to vote by second-year Blair Sapp was the possibility of coordinating a petition against Rick Scott’s changes to Higher Education, mimicking those that took place in Texas. The support for the creation of some type of appeal that could be distributed around to other college and university campuses that have similar education styles to New College’s own and would suffer under such changes was the only motion to pass unanimously that night.

However, the most important item up for discussion was the presentation of Palm Court Party (PCP) Themes. This year’s sponsored themes were Adam Curtis PCP, Steampunk PCP and Super PCP. While the Adam Curtis PCP was presented by a lone soul, Steampunk and Super PCPs were well staffed and dressed for success as a means to garner interest and collect votes. Over the weekend, votes were calculated and Steampunk PCP won by a very close margin.

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