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First Towne Meeting of the semester held


Held in the Hamilton “Ham” Center due to soggy outdoor conditions, the productive, first Towne Meeting took place. Several New College Student Alliance (NCSA) positions were appointed. These included third-year Gina Vasquez as Vice President of Green Affairs (VPGA) and thesis student Eva Ernst as Vice President of Financial Affairs (VPFA). Ernst worked this position unpaid for a month before officially being appointed. Among topics discussed was a bill proposed to compile all previous bills into one book. NCSA Co-president Selena Goods emphasized the importance of keeping track of all previous bills that have been established and organizing the role of the NCSA. Goods also explained that there is currently no centralized, written record of every bill passed and that as previous bills are sorted through, they will be voted on to potentially be voided in future Towne Meetings. Participants also voted on a bill to make the Accessibility Teaching Assistant (TA) a paid position, replacing a deputy archivist and secretary position. During this deliberation, it was pointed out that there are only three people currently working on accessibility on campus, including the student representatives. Later in the meeting was discussion of NCSA budget cuts. Ernst pointed out that the NCSA is now only subsidizing half, as opposed to all, of the Resident Assistant (RA) discretionary fund of $7,400; the other half is now being subsidized by the school.


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