First annual Pumpkin Patch Party at CWC

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Photo credit: Kaylie Stokes

Caramel-covered apples and candy dishes greeted students upon entrance to the first annual Pumpkin Patch Party, an event hosted by the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC). Students walked down a winding path, passing two tables of children from the campus daycare center – tables covered in animal crackers and juice boxes – and arriving at a box piled high with lopsided, bright-orange pumpkins.

Students were also offered a hand-spun stick of cotton candy and a warm bag of freshly popped popcorn.

After carefully selecting the perfect pumpkin, a student could decorate it with various art supplies: sharpies of every color and paints of every shade. While some went for a spooky creation, others opted for goofy eyes, colorful rainbows, unicorns and cheerful grins.

“I liked having the opportunity to get a pumpkin this year to carve. It makes Halloween here more fun, since I still get to do what I did back home,” first-year Cassandra Detrio-Darby said.


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