Events Sponsored by the ALC
The Accessible Learning Center in HCL 5. Photo by Naomi Nerlien.

Events Sponsored by the ALC

Located in Hamilton Classroom 5 (HCL5), the Accessible Learning Center (ALC) works closely with students living with disabilities, helping them to fully experience an education at New College. To kick off Module II and finish the school year strong, the ALC put on three events during the week of March 25-29. Open to all, these events in celebration of Disability Awareness Week provided students a chance to learn something new about disability awareness on campus and in the world. 

Joaquin Malaria (left) and Alejandra Martinez (right) playing Twister during the Games event. Photo courtesy of Angel Methax. 

Gain through Games 

On Mar. 25 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., the ALC team hosted activities specifically used to encourage movement for those with cerebral palsy. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines cerebral palsy as “a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture.” Dancing, coloring and board games were available in the ACL office, and all interested students were encouraged to participate.  

Check-in table at the Tie-Dye event. Photo courtesy of Angel Methax. 

Tie-Dye for Disability Awareness

Tuesday is for tie-dye! On Z-Green, blank shirts were provided along with a chart displaying colors used to represent different disabilities. Five colors are commonly used to symbolize these: red for physical disabilities, gold representing neurodivergence, white for invisible and undiagnosed disabilities, blue meaning psychiatric disabilities and green for sensory disabilities. These colors also make up the Disability Awareness flag

Safari Swanson attempting to put on shorts without hands at the Day in the Life event. Photo courtesy of Angel Methax. 

Day in the Life 

Finally, the Day in the Life event allowed participants to experience what life is like living with various disabilities. Students teamed up to complete tasks and took turns helping or being helped. Examples included using wheelchairs or crutches to get around and guiding a blindfolded partner through obstacles. Students were encouraged to return to the office at 1 p.m. the same day for Accessibility Trivia. The winner, INSERT, received a prize!

Autism Acceptance Month Scavenger Hunt

Missed out on the fun? April is Autism Acceptance month and the ALC is putting on a scavenger hunt. Starting April 2, students can stop by the office to get a worksheet which will lead them to various locations around campus. Once completed and returned, a prize awaits! This scavenger hunt will continue through the entire month of April so don’t feel pressured to finish in one day. 

Check NovoConnect or the Corq app to stay in the know about upcoming events from the ALC along with other departments and clubs.

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