Environmental lobbying turns artsy with FCNL
Katrina Carlin/Catalyst

Environmental lobbying turns artsy with FCNL

Activism and art are a powerful pairing, and one does not have to be a professional artist to try to affect change. On Friday, Nov. 16, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) will host a workshop on writing letters to the editor and collaging, called “Collage for a Cause.” The FCNL is a national lobbying organization that works for “peace, justice, opportunity and environmental stewardship,” according to their website.

“Letters to the Editor (LTEs) that include your representative’s name are super important because your representative’s staffers will read all the local papers everyday, and most likely have Google Alerts set for their boss’s name,” Katie Thurson, thesis student and FCNL advocacy corps member, said in an email interview. “LTEs can also help generate community interest in a specific topic, so people can connect with each other. You don’t have to be any sort of leader or writer or organizer to write an LTE, just a concerned constituent, which includes everyone who lives in the area, regardless of citizenship or residency status.”

Thurson will be joined by FCNL Young Adults Program Director Katie Breslin to facilitate “Collage for a Cause.” Thurson also mentioned how the collaging would be a good opportunity for those engaged in the workshop to harness some creative energy that may result from being more politically active.

“Collage for a Cause” will be held on Nov. 16 at the Four Winds Cafe from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The event is free and open to members of the public.

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