Electronic announcement screens are being put up across campus
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Electronic announcement screens are being put up across campus

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In an effort to open another channel of communication with the student body, the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) announced plans via email on Mar. 11 to install a number of screens, each about 48 to 55 inches wide, around campus. The screens will feature content like events, announcements and campus updates. The project will be rolled out with an initial pilot phase of four screens. The OCM held a poll, from Mar. 11 to Mar. 15, on where the screens will be put up, with the results yet to be released. The program for these screens is based on what other campuses are doing with a similar set of screens; some campuses, like the University of Central Florida (UCF), include student-made content but there are no announced plans to do so at New College.

The main purpose of the screens is to provide students with another way to stay informed about events on campus, in addition to the current infrastructure of email lists, NovoConnect, the Forum and printed fliers. Furthermore, the content of the screens will vary depending on the interests of the faculty, students and staff.

The date on which the screens will go up is not known at this time.

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