Electric noise comes to Four Winds

The Four Winds Café hosted a Wallternative featuring minimal light and loud music on Sept. 20. The chairs were pushed to the side and students crowded in around the artists Nick Klein, from Bushwick, and Malcriado, from Boston. The artists performed their versions of experimental, electronic noise. The show was short, only lasting from 9 to 10 p.m., but it was an hour packed with reverberating tunes and excited students.

In an email, Dylan Robitaille, who organized the show, said the artist Nick Klein had preformed at New College in the past with the band Weird Wives. When Miami-based record company Roofless Rex asked Robitaille if students would be interested in hosting a show with Klein and his tour mate Malcriado, Robitaille agreed based on the success of the past show.

“I feel that I can speak for others when I say that these performances have been a driving force for much of the inspiration, motivation, creativity and collaboration that takes place in the music community here at NCF,” Robitaille said.

Robitaille said that the Student Allocations Committee (SAC) paid each artist $75 for gas and dinner.

“Honestly, I was a little frightened,” first-year Ariel Ward said. “I did not know what experimental, electric noise was and I was taken off guard.”

Ward explained that she thought some of the songs sounded like screeching and found the speaking parts of the artist Malcriado’s songs demonic. Ward did admit that after the initial shock subsided, she had fun head-bobbing in the dark.

“I enjoyed the eclectic pandemonium,” second-year Walker Fleming said. “I found it really relaxing.”

Fleming explained that he had been busy with homework and stressed out the week of the show, so the music was cathartic for him. He was grateful for the chance to relieve his tension and listen to music with his friends.

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