El Mercadito de Identidades event shares Latin culture with New College
A selection of vendors from El Mercadito de Identidades event.

El Mercadito de Identidades event shares Latin culture with New College

On Saturday, Nov. 6th, a host of colorful flags danced to the tune of brassy and catchy Latin bops. Smiles from vendors, the attractive smell of home cooked food and a well-timed cool afternoon breeze invited onlookers to participate in the student event El Mercadito de Identidades held at The Nook. The Latinx Club hosted this event in honor of Latinx Heritage Month, seeking to recreate the environment of artisanal or food markets which are a staple in Latin American culture. Those of Latin identities were encouraged to share their art, music, food or other crafts with the New College community and enjoy the Latin-inspired environment. 

“I personally grew up going to these markets with my parents,” event organizer and thesis student Elizabeth Mena wrote. “So I’m very excited for Latinx Club to recreate our own version of mercaditos/pulgas on campus!”

Latin students brought an array of handcrafted goods to share and sell with the New College community at the event. Among the stalls, one could spot quilts and fabrics, stapled poetry books, iridescent soap bars, full-length music albums, artistic prints and bone necklaces. 

“I think that as children of the Latin American diaspora, it’s really neat getting to celebrate our identities and cultures on campus, and I think it’s an important event where the rest of the campus community can engage and chill with us!” Mena continued.

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