Early bird cast the vote

There are multiple ways to exercise the right to vote. For many Sarasota- Manatee citizens, it is not desirable to wait in the long Nov. 8 line. When early voting begins, they are ready to cast their ballot. Early voting in Florida began Oct. 24 and ends Nov. 6. The voting occurs at the usual sites, which are indicated on voting cards. Votes can also be cast by mail before Nov. 8, if a mail in ballot is requested.

“I wanted a absentee ballot,” Thesis student Kasia Burzynki said. “I was not sure if I would be able to make it to the polls on Nov. 8 with school and work.

“With all the chaos that’s been going on I sort of wondered are people going to just stay home but it doesn’t look like that’s happening at all,”

Sarasota County supervisor, Kathy Dent, told the Herald Tribune.

There were 152,890 people in the two-county region who had either cast absentee ballots [or] voted in-person through [Oct. 28], a 29 percent turnout,” Zac Anderson of the Herald Tribune reported.

Predictions about who will win elections, such as the primary election between Clinton and Trump, are made from the the early votes. Yet, until the final vote on the eighth, nothing in set in stone.


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