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With the fall semester winding down and the balances of students’ meal plans dwindle, the value of communal Ham points is ever increasing. More and more students are finding their meal plans entirely drained, leaving the community card to be their only consistent source of food – at least until the end of January, when the ISP period ends and the spring semester rears its stressful head.

Students who still have Ham points can donate to the community card to help feed other students – whatever points left in the community card by the end of the semester will carry over to spring – by emailing Bill Moore at Simply include the amount of Ham points you want to donate, your N number and a signature.

“There is a desperate need,” Metz General Manager for New College Bill Moore said in an email interview. “There are students who are not eating at this time.”

While the community card’s funds are low, as of Nov. 21, each semester late donations give hundreds of hungry students a consistent source of food. Those on-campus and without transportation only have a limited number of eateries at their immediate disposal, with 4 Windz and Hamilton Center housing the only two consistently-open food sources on campus – neither of which prove to be very cost-friendly – and the only two that take students’ meal plan points.

With the limited number of options and money, many Novo Collegians every semester rely on the communal Ham points available to anyone who needs it. Despite its importance, the community card does not replenish or sustain itself, and any donations made are greatly appreciated and accepted.

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