Despite disastrous flooding, Myakka community stays afloat: a photo gallery
Second-year Sam Worthington helps to maneuver the canoe through flood water in a family’s front yard. Cars in the driveway are trapped in deep water.

Despite disastrous flooding, Myakka community stays afloat: a photo gallery

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While much of the Sarasota-Bradenton area has already made great strides in their hurricane recovery, not all parts of Florida have been so lucky. The Myakka River region is a prime example of the destructive power that a hurricane can wield—flooded roads, limited mobility, destroyed homes and possession and scarce access to things like power, Internet and cell phone service. It’s a reality that few are prepared for, and something that you need to see in order to believe. The following photos were taken by second-year and Catalyst staff writer Chloe Rusek, live and on the ground (or rather, in the water) from the Myakka River region.

A driveway destroyed in Hidden River, a community located next to Myakka State Park.
Off road vehicles were utilized as transportation and to haul away debris.
With nowhere to go, water sits in pastures harboring mosquitoes and leaving livestock without a place to go.
Residents of Hidden River work together to clear a path for residents who live near the Myakka River to leave through.
Water damage has washed mailboxes down the street and destroyed residential living areas.
A resident has tied their canoe to the mailbox in front of their house which can no longer be accessed any other way. Waters have risen to chest height.
The Myakka River spilled over causing major road closes and flooding. Here we see a bridge leading to the state park covered in water.
Community members Pavel, Traci and Kaden Rusek (from left to right) canoeing back from their house in Hidden River which flooded, as cars are not able to make it through the water.
Flooding within the garage of the Rusek house hold.
Tiwa, a residential cat, who was rescued two days after flooding in her crate.

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