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Day of dialogue set to return this spring


Giulia Heyward/Catalyst
The 2016 Day of Dialogue Sign.

Some students may not remember Day of Dialogue, but this day-long event promoting campus discourse is set to return this spring. Day of Dialogue, for which classes are cancelled, features workshops intended to facilitate communication, understanding and dialogue. According to New College Student Alliance (NCSA) Chief of Staff Eleni Spanolios, the NCSA is currently awaiting administrative approval to hold Day of Dialogue on a weekday, as it was held in the past; otherwise the Day will have to be held on the weekend.

Last year, Active Conversations to Initiate our Next Steps (ACTIONS), a week-long series of similarly focused events and workshops, was held in place of the usual day-long event. ACTIONS was focused on immigration in the U.S., while Day of Dialogue themes from 2016 and 2017 were more related to diversity, inclusion and discourse on campus.

“I think it’s more impactful to have it as one set day,” Spanolios said. “I think a lot of people didn’t know as much about the week of action.”

Spanolios also believes faculty and staff members are more likely to get involved in the programming if there is just one day devoted to the event. Spanolios and Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion (VPDI) Cabrini Austin have started planning for the spring; this year they are looking into bringing an outside organization to help facilitate some of the workshops, but much of the planning is still to come.

“If you would like Day of Dialogue to happen, please fill out the survey [sent to the Student’s List and the Forum],” Spanolios said. Day of Dialogue is coming backonly time will tell if it will have to be relegated to the weekend.


To get involved with the planning committee for Day of Dialogue, contact Spanolios (eleni.spanolios15@ncf.edu) or Austin (cabrini.austin16@ncf.edu).


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