Cups O’ Joy bringing jiggles and java to the masses

Have you ever thought that your cup of coffee was not just sexy enough.The answer has come in the form of the Bradenton pop up coffee drive thru Cups O’ Joy! Bikinis, baristas, brews, galore. Located at 6295 14th St W, Bradenton, FL 34207, with a slightly above average rating of 85% on Urbanspoon, and a mere one $ sign as it’s price range Cups O’ Joy is in steep competition with the new drive thru Starbucks and American’s supposed “life blood” Dunkin Donuts, who are not only mainstays but major national coffee brands.

Starbucks has been asking its customers to think about race, while they indulge in capitalism by the espresso shot and sip on frivolous fraps, while Dunkin Donuts has been trying to appeal to the nature of addiction as well as patriotism more directly with the slogan “America runs on Dunkin.” A slogan very similar to O.T. Genasis “CoCo.” or “I’m Proud to be an American,” or even the term Wu-Tang term “cash rules everything around me.”

Cups O’ Joy is a simple shack on the road, bringing jiggles and java to the masses. Is this really the true agent of corruption, or is it the tasteful white cup with the green letters in the hands of every business man and basic girl that is to blame.

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