Cook Library welcomes new librarian, Shelley Oakley

Cook Library welcomes new librarian, Shelley Oakley

The library has a new face in town with the addition of temporary librarian Shelley Oakley. Originally from Virgina, Oakley has a master of library and information sciences degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. With plenty of experience working with college students, Oakley will be a welcome addition at the Jane Bancroft Cook library.

“Most people think working in a library is all about quietness and reading but it is not,” Oakley wrote in an email interview. “If you like people, you will enjoy working in a library.”

Having spent so much time in libraries, it is no wonder Oakley grew a love for reading. One of Oakley’s favorite books, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doeer, tells a beautiful story of human empathy in times of struggle. However, Oakley is not just limited to the confines of the library, she also has an eye for art.

“I also like to paint,” Oakley wrote. “Sarasota sunsets provide lots of inspiration. I also enjoy exploring Florida and all of its parks, museums, and cultural attractions.”

Caffeine driven late nights at the library are no strange occurance for the average college student, so the ultimate test of Oakley’s character boils down to one question. Coffee or tea?

“A little of both. Mornings and afternoons are made for a great cup of coffee. I generally reserve my cup of tea for really cold days which are much less since moving to Florida.”

Students can look forward to seeing Oakley hanging out in the Research and Information office and with the remaining Florida chill it’d be a perfect time to share a cup of tea.

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