Computer stolen from the Black Box Theater

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On Sept. 13th, Black Box Theater (BBT) TA Skylar Ead noticed that the Black Box Theater was missing its computer tower.

“[Director of Student Activities and Community Engagement] Konnie [Kruczek] had gone in on Tuesday around six to set up for the workshop and asked me to lock up after the workshop,” Ead, a second-year and Catalyst staff writer, said.  “I saw that the booth door was propped open with tape and I decided to explore to see why it was left open. I turned on the light and the sound board and then went to turn on the computer and realized that it was gone.”

The computer tower was used for playing movies and showing presentations. It hooked up to the theater’s sound system and projector. Ead said that she believes that the computer must have been stolen by someone who could access a key to the BBT since the theater and the sound booth are both locked at all times.

“The one thing that is just kind of sad is that we have a really nice projector system and we can’t use it now,” Ead reflected. “It was upsetting because on the 10th, I was talking to [NCSA Co-president] Mike Long about the events that we could do. He was getting really excited about movie nights and we can’t do that until we get a new computer. It sounded like so much fun and we could do it as a weekly or a bi-weekly event. The speakers are so good that it makes it feel like surround sound. It’s such a cool experience — you can make it really dark, you can make it sort of light. It’s very visceral.”

On the Wednesday after the computer was stolen, Ead scrambled to find a projector and computer to show the film Killing Us Softly 4. “I spent six hours on Wednesday trying to find a new computer and then [trying to] set up the computer with a new projector,” Ead

Ead said that she and Kruczek are prepared to press charges if they determine who stole the computer tower.

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