Changes to the Mac Lab

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No longer will the Mac Lab be a place wrought with the frustration of paper jams, printer mishaps and computer freezes — Mac Lab TA and second-year Alexander Wyllie is renovating it to make it more accessible for New College students.

The Mac Lab has a little more than $4,000 to buy new equipment and, with input from New College Student Alliance (NCSA) and his fellow students, Wyllie has decided to buy four Imacs which can dual-boot to either OS X Lion or Windows 7 operating systems. He is also getting a third printer for the Mac Lab. The software and hardware that Wyllie hopes to make available for students includes Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, a text recognition software program allowing students to highlight text from scanned items on computers and Bamboo pads which students can draw on to make their own images.

Wyllie has asked the workers at Physical Plant to paint the Mac Lab a serene New College blue, and hopes to keep the Lab’s blinds open so that people can stroll by and glimpse at the computer lab, which is open to all students.

Since the start of this year, Wyllie has been trying to de-clutter the computers by deleting students’ personal files off of them and labeling the printers uniformly on all of the computers. As of press time, everything in the Mac Lab is in working order — the computers are functional and the printer is spewing out essays and homework like a well-oiled machine.

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