Celestine COUP wows

Center of the Universe Parties (COUP) is are a big deal. This year’s Halloween bash was nothing different. Under the theme of Celestine Halloween, campus was transformed into a creepy wonderland featuring, bonfires, finger foods, ornamental horticulture and bloody clouds with a chance of eyeballs.

At COUP, musical sets went on until 3 a.m. Many styles of music such as, ambient noise, indie bands, EDM, Hip-Hop, rap and R&B were played.

Part of the magic of PCP is that we create the space, and the attendees co-create the individual and collective experience,” third-year Becca Caccavo said. “But the best part is that it was like making an art piece and watching life be breathed into it.”

The COUP featured pieces made my students, such as a giant sun designed by first-year Jamie Moirarty.

“Ash Rodrigues is an incredibly talented thesis art student,” Caccavo said. “So she spearheaded the sun project.”

“The sun was 10 feet in diameter,” Caccavo added. “We had tons of people helping to hoist it up [and] people walking by who joined in. […] After we got it up everyone cheered and freaked out and it was a really beautiful moment.”

Walls happen about every weekend, but COUPs allow for alums, students and their guests to go all out and have fun.

“There was a lot of cool music for everyone,” Second-year Kaelyn Hartley said. “My friends had sets across campus, so I would make rounds to hear them.”

Party goers showed off their creativity with topical costumes such as Eleven from the Netflix hit Stranger Things and on theme costumes such as gods and goddesses.

I would really encourage anyone with a vision to throw a PCP- it’s not easy, but it’s a labor of love,” Caccavo added. “I feel really satisfied with the result, and incredibly proud of Ashley, Carley, Sade, Hannah, and myself.”

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