Casual Running Club: making hearts race

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Photo credit: Jacob Wentz
Photo credit: Jacob Wentz

Photo credit: Jacob Wentz

Many students at NCF care deeply about their health, demonstrated by both the food they consume and the exercise they perform. It is not uncommon to see students working out, especially if they are running across campus. For those interested in improving their “cardio,” or cardiovascular health, Casual Running Club is the perfect option.

“I started this club the first week of orientation. There were about 12 people going out on runs on a daily basis, but then that interest fell,” President of Casual Running Club Isaac Quiros Lum said. However, Quiros Lum is positive about the new year. “There definitely is a lot more interest this year; people have been more consistent in coming to runs.”

When asked about who could join this club, Quiros Lum replied: “Literally anyone. If someone feels like they can only run for a minute, we will run for a minute with them.” The reason that the club is named Casual Running Club is because there is no pressure to perform at a high degree; the purpose is to set individual goals that can be met in this motivating environment.

Quiros Lum is a second-year student and has had a passion for running since high school. “I ran track freshman to junior year, and I was captain my junior year. For cross country, I did it from sophomore to senior year, and I was captain junior and senior year,” Quiros Lum said. Qurios Lum’s passion for running is so strong that he got a cross country symbol tattooed on the side of his arm.

In addition to being passionate about running, Quiros Lum has the skills necessary to be a coach. He is positive, encouraging, and has experience as team captain of both track and field and cross country. “We got a new coach, so I helped coach a lot junior year,” Quiros Lum said.

This coaching experience translates well in his position as President of Casual Running Club, as Quiros Lum organizes group running sessions at least four times per week. In addition, Quiros Lum brings the club to a Fun Run 5k in Downtown Sarasota every Monday. “It’s a big community event, with runners from all levels,” Quiros Lum said. “It’s a great time for everyone because they can run at whatever time or level they’re comfortable with.”

“That’s what I like about running, it’s a very individual thing,” Quiros Lum said. “If you work at it, you can see your improvement, no matter what, and a lot of times you can see it really quickly.”

To join Casual Running Club, contact Isaac Quiros Lum. This club is great for improving health, setting personal goals, and meeting friendly athletes. Casual Running Club is always open to new members who would like to ease the stress of a long school day with a relaxing run.

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