Campus ATM in a state of withdrawal

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On the first official weekend of school students were appalled to find that the ATM, located in what was once the mailroom but is now the free store, had been turned over onto its side on some point Friday evening. Although the ATM was already non-functioning at the time of the tipping, many students were disturbed over what they saw as blatant vandalism.

In the past week the ATM was put back in place despite the administration’s early warnings that righting the fallen machine could cause further damages. It seems that tipping it over and putting it back has not fixed whatever caused the ATM to die in the first place. Many students have been forced to use the ATM located at the Shell Station until a solution can be found. Plans are in action to obtain a new ATM but this means little to those who need that cash right now, at this moment and they can’t wait.

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