Breaking down the late fall elections
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Breaking down the late fall elections

Each semester, two elections are held within the New College Student Alliance (NCSA): the early election and the late election. 

“These representatives advocate for the needs of students to the NCSA and the administration,” Supervisor of Elections and thesis-student Isabella Cibelli Du Terroil said. “[These positions include] everything from academic departments, food service, campus services (gym, CWC) to funding for clubs and activities.”

Emergency NCSA elections are not uncommon to see throughout the year.

“The reason is typically to fill positions that were left open from past elections or from people leaving the position,” Du Terroil explained.

Students who officially run for positions must turn in signature collections and may advertise their campaign around the school. A name write-in is also possible, however, Du Terroil mentioned she sees a slight distinction between the two.

“If their name is already on the ballot, then students will be more apt to vote for them rather than try to find who is advertising their write-in candidacy over email,” Du Terroil said. “I’m not trying to discourage anyone from running as a write-in, running is good overall, but I definitely notice that official candidates generally have a significantly higher chance of winning.”

With the write-ins, students are allowed to write-in whatever they want, including jokes. Two standouts from this late fall election are: “Any one who will do something” and “Bill from Metz”, who were tied among other candidates for the Food Service Representative. 

The results for the Late Fall Elections are as follows:

Thesis SAC RepOrmond Derrick
Humanities RepJacob Silverman
Natural Sciences RepIsabella Chandler
Diversity RepGwen Roberts
Fitness Center RepBarbara Monteiro
Accessibility RepElizabeth Bates
Gender Studies RepFreddie O’Brien
Educational Policy Committee MemberLindsay McElroy
Speaker of the Towne MeetingMiles Newmeyer
Student Court JusticesWilliam/Alex Bottorff
Student Court Counselors
Student Academic Status Committee Members
Angelica Velosa and Jenna Courtade
Annabelle Wilson

Students have the option to accept or decline their position status.

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