Boar’s Head now open weekends

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While Boar’s Head will be closed for Thanksgiving weekend, throughout the rest of the school year Metz plans to have the convenience store and the beverages open for business from 2-4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, the food service is hoping to implement their new pizza delivery service by the start of next semester.

Up until a couple weeks ago, the store had been kept closed on the weekends, with the only food service option available being the weekend lunch and dinners. The sandwich line will not be open during weekend hours, unless sales demand it for Metz. The weekend hour Boar’s Head sales, however, have not been as substantial as expected for Metz.

“We started opening the store on the weekends from 2-4 a couple of weeks ago,” General Manager of Food Services Bill Moore said. “Sales have been kind of low […] I expected them to be higher, but from what I understand, the word just wasn’t out there yet.

“If we see the need for the sub line, we would do it, but right now we just don’t see the sales.”

Many people, including this writer, have called into Boar’s Head in excitement for their new pizza delivery service, only to find out that the service is not available yet. The service is hoped to be up and running with the start of next semester, and will deliver pizza right to students’ rooms. While the pizza making service is ready to go, the logistics of the matter are still being sorted out – specifically the group fundraising Metz is implementing.

“Right now what we are waiting for is the college to set up the groups,” Moore said. “Say, for the Catalyst, for every pizza delivered you get $2 for your group, to be used by the group.

“We will write up the checks and send them to the organizations for them to do good with,” he continued. “It [the pizza delivery service] isn’t just a win situation for us, it is also a win situation for the students and to help fundraising for these organizations.”

With all of winter break and ISP available to smooth out the group situation, Metz plans to have the service up and running by the start of the next semester.

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