Art terrorist bewilders "Ham" patrons

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Efforts to improve the state of the arts on campus have taken many forms but many students were puzzled to find used cafeteria plates tacked to the newly constructed gallery in Ham center. Some were quick to dismiss the matter as a senseless act of vandalism but many students argued that the Styrofoam plates were a statement meant to deconstruct our conceptions of the nature of art itself.  The plates were crinkled and encrusted with what looked like tomato sauce. One of the plates caught the fluorescent lighting of the space particularly well, shining at the viewer. Alum and credentialed art expert David Bennett believes that the plate hanger’s decision to remain anonymous is an integral part of the work, but when asked if he had any further ideas he said “I have no idea. Its just a plate a wall.”

The plate hanging has been but one of several waves of art movements in Ham Center.   Two weeks ago many students were confused to find the large painting by the Ham Center microwaves had been turned upside down.  Third year Megan Lyons exclaimed: “I thought my whole world was turned upside down but turned out it was just art”. The identity of the flipper and if it has any connection with the sticky Ham center plates has yet to be determined. An ad-hoc arts planning committee was recently formed by the Cabinet that can hopefully address this problem.

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