Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

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Students, faculty and members of the Sarasota community packed into the Iserman Gallery at Caples Fine Arts Complex for the Juried Student Art Exhibition, an annual event showcasing New College Student art. Every year adifferent juror from outside New College is brought in to host the exhibition.

Students can submit work for the show and the juror chooses which pieces to accept and awards first, second and third place winners.

Ann Albritton, this year’s juror, allowed all submitted work into the show. Albritton is an art historian and professor at the Ringling College of Art & Design. She specializes in contemporary issues in art, women artists, art of the African diaspora, and Latin American art.

“I definitely like that there are diverse opinions brought in by having a different juror every year,” thesis student and Art AOC Alex Wyllie said.

“You always have different perspectives coming in. This year Anne was interested in art [of] today and issues pertaining to identity.”

Albritton spoke of the importance of art in education and in everyday life. “My challenge to you, is to look at art, experience art; go to museums and galleries and artists studios and the street. Make looking at art a high priority in your life, regardless of what you do in the future,” she said.

Cassidy Bingham, a third-year psychology and art AOC, took home first place for her drawing titled 5 o’clock Tea Revisited

“The event was super exciting,” Bingham said. “I feel like since I’ve been at this school [the art exhibition] has been filled with the most talent I’ve ever seen, there are some really awesome

artists. I was excited to read that the juror teaches women’s art classes and studies gender. 5’Oclock Tea Revisited is a parody [slash] remake of the Mary Cassatt impressionist painting called 5 o’clock Tea 5 and I remade the scene with male models instead of females. I was trying to make an image that critiqued the strictness and rigidity of female traditions and routines and gender roles.”

Prizes for winners included gift cards to Art and Frame, a local Sarasota art supplies store. The first place winner’s piece is purchased by New College and put into the permanent collection. Second place winner was Jenifer Ng for Desert Triptych and third place was awarded to Grace Bacon for her sculpture.

“For me [the juried art exhibition] is really exciting because we’re a small school with a really small art program and it’s our chance to show off our stuff and have our peers see what we do, and there’s a potential to win great stuff,” Bingham said. “It’s the biggest art event of the year besides students’ individual thesis.”

As part of the graduation requirement for Art AOCs, students must put on a gallery show at Caples displaying all the art they have made throughout the year. This year’s art thesis students are Gabriella Powell, Alexander “Alex” Wyllie and Jessie Leasure. Their individual shows will be put up at the end of this semester.

The juried show will be on display until March 14 at the Caples Fine Arts Complex. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, noon until 5 p.m.


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