Anarchy Deathsticks: Knitting Club strikes back

Anarchy Deathsticks: Knitting Club strikes back

Photo courtesy of Lara Herzog
Photo courtesy of Lara Herzog

The club with the most dangerous name on campus, Anarchy Deathsticks has taken knitting and community to an entirely new level.

Knitting Club transforms a relaxing craft into a low-stress community gathering and an alternate social activity to Walls.

Organizers third-years Alex Johnson and Meagan Ash said in an email interview that Knitting Club’s Saturday night meetings start at 8:30 p.m. and run as late as 11:00 p.m., but students aren’t obligated to stay the whole time.

“The club is also very informal, so there’s no need to stress over attending every meeting,” Ash said. The club also meets on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. until around 9:00 p.m. Meetings occur in the Gender and Diversity Center (GDC).

Last year it was pretty dead, but this semester we had over a dozen people at the first few meetings, and now about 7 to 9 regulars on and off, with new people showing up frequently,” Johnson said.

We also have tea (bringing a mug is helpful!) fruit snacks, fun conversation, and music!” Ash added.

Club attendees usually work on their own projects. Experienced Deathstickers, like Ash and Johnson, help newcomers pick up the knitting skill.

“Anyone of any skill level is welcome to come! For beginners or people who want to work on small projects during club meeting time we can provide yarn and needles,” Ash said. “Alex [Johnson] and I are also trying to learn how to crochet, and we’d love to have people come who crochet or do any other kind of fabric art!”

“I enjoy the club because I love knitting, teaching people new skills and hanging out with friend,” Johnson said. “Anarchy Deathsticks fills this niche in the New College community.”

“I love being able to set aside a portion of my week to just relax and talk with friends while doing something crafty! It’s a very relaxing and very versatile hobby, once you get the hang of it,” Ash said. “Anarchy Deathsticks is an important part of the New College community because of its history and the opportunities it brings for socializing and creativity in a low-stress environment.”

Johnson and Ash were told Anarchy Deathsticks originated in the 1980s. However, Johnson has also heard it started as a tutorial with Professor of Chemistry Stephen Shipman.

Students interested in joining Anarchy Deathsticks should email Johnson or Ash, so they can be added to the club’s mailing list.

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