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Students started gathering at College Hall as the sun was setting to celebrate New Prom 2017 – Enchanted Masquerade.

New Prom is an annual Resident Advisor (RA) event. This year it was hosted by second-years Jennifer Ha, Devin Johnson Hogan, Mackenna Jensen, Riley Lewis, Eleni Spanolios and Hope Sparks, as well as thesis student Tessa Geier.

“There are a lot of other people involved too; EQTAs, Fire TA, Police Department, Admissions, Tara. It’s been a long process, and we’re really excited,” second-year RA Devin Johnson Hogan said.

The building was decorated to resemble an enchanted forest. Leafy vines lined the walls while flowers and flower petals covered the windowsills. There were tea lights, fairy lights and colorful dance lights that projected from the front of the hall.

“We went through the cliche prom themes, and we didn’t want to do it too cliche, but it still fits the prom category,” second-year RA Hope Sparks said.

New Prom also offered various treats for students. Some of the food included chicken, chocolate covered pretzel “wands,” Fruit Loop marshmallow treats, fruit and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There were also a couple of bottles of sparkling grape juice and other beverage options.

On the walkway from College Hall to the bay, a fire pit gave students something to gather around, which inevitably led to smores-making.

Prom “Supremes” were also announced at the event. Contrasting most traditional proms, the system for choosing these supremes was based on a raffle rather than a vote. Two people from each year were chosen from a list of names that were put into jars.

Perhaps most important to the night, there was good music, good people and good dancing.

“I asked my mom to be my date to prom!” second-year Prom Supreme Ana Bez exclaimed.

Overall, New Prom was a lively occasion, especially for students who needed to dance away the stress of the preceding week. The work and preparation that went into this event produced a fun night, and it’s safe to say that students are thankful for this work and for their RAs.

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