An eclectic mix at the student art exhibition

February 18, 2015 / Volume XXXVII / Issue I

Student Art Exhibit by Jasmine Repress

The Juried Student Art Exhibition is a chance for selected New College works to be shown and judged by a jury. The juror’s talk, by Joseph Loccisano, and reception was held on Feb. 5 at the Isermann Gallery in Caples Fine Art Complex. Professors, parents and community members were among those in attendance to witness an eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures, woodworks, photographs and drawings. The show, sponsored by Art and Frame of Sarasota, opened on Feb. 2 and can be seen until March 19, 2015 from Monday through Friday, 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

“Just being selected is a great honor,” Joseph Loccisano said.

The first place award went to third-year Davin Aberle’s “Cave d121.4.” This is Aberle’s first show. “I have been exploring a lot of environmental issues and environments in general and evolution,” Aberle said. “It’s mostly just ideas that come into my head …  I have been trying to work with a lot more of the theoretical stuff lately”

Student Art Exhibit by Jasmine Repress

“I’ve finally found my own groove,” Aberle added. “After that happened, it’s been amazing,”

Thesis student Rachael Zucker received second place for her work titled “Without Mercy.”

“I am trying to portray the femme fatale in a way that is not exploiting the female figure,” Zucker said.” “Because there are a lot of complications with the femme fatale in a lot of mobile works of art which you can see in all types of art especially in tattoos.”

First-year Sarah Bradicich was awarded third place for “Mirrored Dimensions.” “I actually wasn’t going to submit anything until I finished that piece for ISP,” Bradicich said. “And I was really proud of it.”

“I didn’t expect to win an award so I was very surprised and happy,” Bradicich added.

Honorable Mentions went to second-year Francisco Perez for “Digital Romanticism,” thesis student Isabelle Duvall for “View for Apache,” and thesis student Grayton Cloos for “Heart and Soul.”

Student Art Exhibit by Jasmine Repress

“I hadn’t had any work in a show at New College before and I felt that I am doing so much in the sculpture program that it would be fitting,” Cloos said.

Other artists whose work was in the show included, Daniel Anderson-Little, Alexandra Bauman, Cassidy Bingham, Coral Chepren-Moore, Meris Drew, Danielle Dygert, Zeyna Hadidi, Zoe Heuermann, Aubrey Neher, Julia Pope, Paoge Rawitz, Ashley Rodrigues, Sara Sarmiento, Kamron Scruggs, Jeanine Tatlock, Alexander Walzem and Miriam Zeitz.

Student Art Exhibit by Jasmine Repress

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