All students advised to leave campus

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Update from President O’Shea:

“New College of Florida has not had any known cases of COVID-19.

We are continuing to take measures to protect the health and safety of our entire campus community. We will be posting a FAQ shortly that we will continue to update to help employees with questions pertaining to their work.  The Coronavirus Emergency Response Team met this morning to prepare the campus for continuing operations while limiting face-to-face interactions among students, faculty and staff.

Students currently residing on campus for academic reasons who are able to travel home should make plans to leave campus as soon as possible (and by Wednesday, March 18 if at all possible). Students who cannot return home due to financial reasons or travel restrictions must contact by tomorrow at 5 pm.
Starting Wednesday, March 18, the Counseling & Wellness Center will move from in-person appointments to teletherapy and telehealth appointments. The CEO, Writing Center, Academic Resource Center, and Student Success Center are also making arrangements to provide student services remotely.
When online classes begin on Monday, March 23, faculty who are able to utilize Canvas from home are strongly encouraged to do so. Please go to our Online Resources page for more information.
While all administrative departments remain open, supervisors are encouraged to speak with their staff to determine alternative ways to maintain services to the campus. You are encouraged to consider telework (work from home), flexible hours, and virtual meetings to limit face-to-face interaction as much as possible.
For employees whose cell phone numbers begin with the 941 area code, you can forward your office phone to your cell phone immediately. If your cell phone has a non-local area code, you will be able to forward your office phone to your cell phone, starting tomorrow afternoon.

Please stay safe and focus on preventative measures to stay healthy – including social distancing, frequent handwashing, and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces. Follow CDC guidelines. This is a difficult time for everyone.  Thanks to everyone on campus for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented situation. I am especially grateful to the staff who will remain on campus to protect the safety and well-being of our community.

Because this situation is changing so quickly,  I will send updates daily in the late afternoon, and more frequently if necessary.

Be well.”

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