A memorial to Bobbi: New College says goodbye
Bobbi seen around campus. Photo taken by Chloe Rusek.

A memorial to Bobbi: New College says goodbye

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In memory of Bobbi, a beloved stray cat who recently and tragically lost their life to a car accident on Mar. 1, students are honoring the impact they had on those on campus. Bobbi may have been a wandering soul, but they touched the hearts of many New College students. They brought comfort to those who took a moment to interact with them, and their presence on the streets was a reminder of the beauty of life, even in the midst of adversity. Although their life was cut short, Bobbi will be remembered fondly and the memories they left behind will be cherished. Rest in peace, dear friend. You will be missed.

The Catalyst spoke to thesis student Gus Frank, who took Bobbi to the vet after finding them injured in the wildlands near the New College Fitness Center.

“I was leaving the gym and I saw Bobbi and could tell something was wrong” Frank said. “It was obvious that they had just been hit by a car. So we wrapped them in a blanket and took them to the vet, but on the way their breathing became increasingly unsteady and we knew there wasn’t much left we could do. We just wanted to have them pass as painlessly as possible.”

When asked about the outstanding vet fees, Frank elaborated, talking about the overwhelming support of fellow students who came together in order to pay the bills in full.

“I just got the pawprint back today and will be putting it in the garden, so if anyone wants to visit, it will be in the NatiMediFly garden.”

Frank hopes that students can honor the memory of Bobbi by visiting this site, which will be a memorial to Bobbi’s eternal legacy.

Bobbi’s memorial paw-print. Photo taken by Chloe Rusek.

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