A look at Sarasota’s best bike trails
Biking can give students in the Sarasota area over the summer the chance to explore the city. Photo courtesy Cole Zelznak. A live stream of the Sept. 30 Critical Mass, in which dozens of student bikers participated, can be found on the NCF Catalyst Facebook.

A look at Sarasota’s best bike trails

Summer is just around the corner—and for students remaining on campus or who live in the area, this can mean having the time to explore what Sarasota and Bradenton have to offer without classes to keep in mind. One of the best ways to explore some of the more scenic options and to keep yourself active while on break is to explore some of the cities’ bike trails, of which there are several to choose from. Here are some of the Catalyst’s personal recommendations.

Robinson Preserve:

The Robinson Preserve bike trail is a favorite of the Catalyst. A seven-mile stretch of paved trail guides you through some of the richest, and most beautiful mangroves you’ve ever seen. With vibrant colors, plenty of shade and at the end of it, a massive wooden tower at the end of it to go look at the ocean with—this trail is nice and easy, and very doable no matter what kind of bike you are.

Myakka River:

The beautiful, pastoral Myakka is an easy ride that you can bring any visiting younger siblings or grandparents on. Nice, smooth and rarely crowded, a $6 admissions fee lets you through into one of Sarasota’s most beautiful parks. Make sure to bring a snack—it’s hard to resist the allure of a picnic by the gorgeous lakes.

MLK Jr Memorial Park:

A local favorite, take your bike out right from the New College of Florida and head on down to the MLK Jr Memorial Park. This one is less of a destination and more of a tour—heading down there will let you cut through more than one bayside park or nature preserve, letting you get a taste of the town and some nice, fresh air.

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