A COUP of witchcraft and wizardry

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As one of two proposed themes for this Halloween’s Center of the Universe Party (COUP), Something Wicked This Way Comes dominated the competition with its broad, accommodating ideas. The desperation of thesis student sponsors Garrett Murto, Lara Grauerholz-Fisher, Logan Starnes and Catalyst writer Bianca Benedi, who would, after this year, say goodbye to the possibility of a campus wide, witchy, Harry Potter inclusive event, was so strong that the only other contender, a Star Trek v. Star Wars COUP, respectfully withdrew.

Despite being the only sponsors who proposed a theme, a petition to allow further theme suggestions has circulated, resulting in an Emergency Towne Meeting. Whether the school can officially expect a witchy COUP remains to be seen.

Instead of holding the COUP on Oct. 31, as initially planned, the sponsors – who have the power to schedule the date – have agreed to move it to Nov. 7. “We feel that [moving it to the beginning of the next month] is the best option because it allows for religious celebrations on the 31st, allows us to use the Black Box [Theatre] as a rave space, and extends Halloween for an entire week,” Starnes said.

Though the group proposed the Yule Ball during their second year, it did not receive enough support to move forward. To compensate, this year they developed a theme that appealed to a more significant number of students. They plan to allude to other concepts of witchcraft and wizardry, such as the Shakespearean witch, and show not just Harry Potter, but other magical movies such as “Hocus Pocus” and “Practical Magic” as well.

“We’re going to have a lot of decorations and Easter eggs,” Starnes said. “[The] Three Broomsticks at Four Winds, a sorting ceremony in Ham, a potions and astronomy class, a Department of Mysteries rave space, and Quidditch on Z Green.”

For those wary of party culture, there will be various trivia and card games – notably the card game Coup (at a COUP!) – and recipes from the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, which are sure to please.

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