69 dollar one way flights from U.S. to Europe


For many students, traveling is thought of as part of the college experience. Some students take classes abroad and others travel simply to have a good time. Although traveling is an attractive idea, it can be impossible to afford for those on a budget. Norwegian Air wants to fix that. The airline hopes to offer one-way tickets to Europe for $69 as early as 2017.  

According to the International Business Times, the airline can cut costs by flying out of U.S. airports with low fees. Norwegian Air would be flying out of U.S. airports that do not commonly have international flights.

Although flights out of the U.S. to Europe could be cheaper, this does not account for round-trip tickets. When flying back from a different country, low prices for a return ticket would not be guaranteed.

“While some one-way tickets are expected to go for just $69, the average round trip will be closer to about $300,” CEO of Norwegian Air Bjørn Kjos said in a statement to NBC News. “Norwegian Air’s fares are usually about $500 now because of higher fees levied at busier airports.”

Student response to the prospect of $69 flights has been enthusiastic but skeptical.

“The $69 figure is a bit misleading since mandatory taxes bring that to $250-$300 each way,” second-year George Thurlow said in an email. “As well, the quality of these flights often leaves a lot to be desired.”  

Thurlow said that the seats on a low-budget flight from JFK to Paris were uncomfortable and cramped.

“Nevertheless, I’d think that cheaper ticket to Europe would make me more likely to go,” Thurlow said.

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