Mysterious graffiti appears on campus

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Photo credit: Giulia Heyward


On Oct. 25, third-year Logan Schulman posted on the Forum about mysterious graffiti that appeared on the overpass. The graffiti, which could be seen heading north on 41, was placed under the New College insignia.

The incident was seen as both comedic and concerning for students.

“The police opened up a police report and an investigation but, as far as I know, we haven’t received any information on who might have been responsible,” Dean of Student Affairs Tracy Murry.

After administration and Physical Plant were contacted by Co-President Paige Pellaton, the graffiti disappeared two days later. However, shortly following this, there was another instance of vandalism. This time, “Naw College” appeared on the overpass, clearly visible to students walking to the academic side of campus, but not visible to any cars driving by.

These are two of several instances of vandalism that have occurred in the last semester. Previously, damage was done to the Pei Courts resulting in a $3 fine for each residents.

As of right now, “Naw College” still remains.


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