Dance Collective Presents: The Spring Showcase

Dance Collective Presents: The Spring Showcase

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Dance collective has been an on-going New College tradition for years now, beginning with Dance Tutorial. Dance Tutorial was a very loosely organized collective, sponsored by various faculty members until a couple professors recognized the students’ want and need for an institutionalized dance program at New College. Professor April Flakne, along with Leymis Bolanos Wilmott of Sarasota Contemporary Dance, are the folks to thank for the institutionalized dance collective that grace Sainer’s stage each semester.

Largely an independant tutorial now, folks who participate in dance collective largely receive no credit and operate outside of normal school hours.

So far, I’ve adapted one piece (Feel It Still) and choreographed another (Chantaje),” Second-year and spring showcase choreographer, Karla Alonso said. “Choreographing has been a bit challenging because I really like doing a lot of formations and that gets complicated quickly when you have a lot of dancers and only a small stage to work with. But overall, I’ve learned a lot from the process, and it’s definitely pushed me to explore things outside of my comfort zone and to be more creative.”


(Photos courtesy of Dance Collective)


Dance Collective, which took place on May 4 and 5, was administered by Eugenia Quintanilla, Rachel Ceciro, Karla Alonso, Alyssa Borgschulte, Maya Holt Teza and Ximena Pedroza. All students have the opportunity to take part in and attend dance collective.  

When asked what students should expect to get out of attending dance collective, Second-year Alyssa Borgschulte replied, “I think students benefit from watching [dance collective] because they can feel inspired knowing they have the freedom to do whatever they want in dance collective if they want to participate.”

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