Staff Profiles

Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Maria Vesperi

Visiting Instructor: Yadira Lopez

Editorial Staff

General Editor

Pronouns: She/Her

Year: 4th

Time spent on Catalyst staff: 6 terms

AOC: Political Science

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Pariesa Young is a thesis student at New College studying Political Science. She is a Sarasota native who has been on the Catalyst staff since her first-year at New College. When she isn’t writing or reading news, she is writing her thesis about the news. Although she spends more time in the Catalyst office than her own home, she enjoys cooking, eating, and gardening in her spare time. Her dream job would be to travel internationally as a journalist, but she also might want to work in local government.

Managing Editor


Pronouns: She/Her

Year: 3rd

Time Spent on Catalyst staff: 4 terms

AOC: Humanities

Hometown: Miami

Fun Fact: Speaks three languages (with varying fluency)

Giulia Heyward has been on the Catalyst every semester at New College. She was allowed to become Managing Editor because she is fully willing to sleep on the Catalyst couch until the issue is done. When she’s not managing the publication’s writing staff, she works for the school’s undergraduate research journal, Aeolus, and interns for the Communications & Marketing Department at New College. She published an article on the Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s sister website, Unravel, on nude figure modeling at Ringling College. She also works at the NCSA as their Archivist and Executive Secretary. Her dream job would be to work at an independent alternative weekly publication in a hip millennial city. Her aspiration in life is to write the kind of content people want to read while they sit on the toilet.

Copy Editor


Pronouns: He/Him

Year: 3rd

Sign: Aquarius

Time spent on Catalyst: 6 terms

AOC: English

Campus Involvement: Being the random pleasant giant spreading good vibes

Interests: Sports, writing, being happy

Past Time: the Boston Celtics, sleep


Ryan is originally from NH, but has spent the last seven years of his life in Florida. His favorite movie is The Dark Knight, and his favorite TV show is Breaking Bad. He is tall but ironically dislikes heights. Almost always wearing kelly green.

Layout Editors


unnamedAudrey Warne

Pronouns: She/Her

Year: 2nd

Time spent on the Catalyst: 2 terms

AOC: Art History and Area Studies

Hometown: Boca Raton


Audrey Warne can be spotted at almost every party with her hula hoops. When she’s not spending most of her time complaining about the plight of Florida kids, looking at artwork, thinking about art work or wishing she was around art work, she likes to collect wine semi-obsessively, perfect her Spotify playlist (it’s legendary) and do face masks from Lush. She aspires to go to law school before she moves to France to practice art law while also writing for a publication there. She will always remain a Florida kid.


Pronouns: She/Her

Year: 1st

Time spent on the Catalyst: 2 semesters

AOC: Anthropology and Spanish

Zodiac: Aries (Sun), Cancer (Moon and Rising)

An aspiring journalist, Anya most often writes articles about social justice including her weekly Activist Newsletter column. When she isn’t writing articles or working on layout for the Catalyst, Anya enjoys updating her LinkedIn and taking care of her guinea pig named Chispa. Her favorite thing in the world is going home to Miami to be with her family.

Online Editors

Pronouns: She/Her

Year: 3rd

Time spent on Catalyst staff: 4 terms

AOC: Computer Science

Publication of Choice (other than the Catalyst/Tangent): Alternative Press

Caitlyn is a third-year computer science student who wants to enter the data journalism field. Her hobbies include listening to British indie music, watching horror movies, running and trying to convince everyone that she can do data science and journalism at the same time. You can usually find her hiding in B Dorm, studying in the corner of Four Winds, and, next semester, in Cleveland working at Alternative Press‘ offices through NSE. @earthto_caitlyn
Pronouns: she/her

Year: 3rd

AOC: “Media & Cultural Studies”

Favorite bands: Korn, The Dixie Chicks

Magdalene is a third-year pursuing Media & Cultural Studies, an AOC that does not really exist here. Her main academic interests are Insane Clown Posse and Lacan. In addition to being Online Editor of the Catalyst, she is also a contributing writer for BrooklynVegan. She has a bad habit of taking naps after 7pm.


Jacob Wentz

Pronouns: He/Him

Year: 1st

AOC: Social Sciences and Music

Favorite animals: Labradoodle and manta ray

Astrological sign: Taurus sun, Pisces moon

Jacob Wentz is a confused first-year student whose intended AOC has already changed 3 times and will probably change again in a month or so. His family wants him to be a politician, but he dislikes politics. His actual interests have to do with musicology, media, and communication and the ways in which these fields react and overlap. Jacob is a Production Assistant at the Sarasota Orchestra and feels that NCF and Sarasota have helped steer him back to the path of his true passion: music. He also enjoys Goldfish crackers, casual runs, jazz, and producing electronic music. Jacob secretly can’t wait until he’s 32 and has a husband, labradoodle, and kids. Jacob just wants to settle down and be a rad sax dad and make his nana and gran-gran proud.

Writing Staff

Pronouns: She/Her

Year: Thesis

Time Spent on Catalyst Staff: 3 terms

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale

Favorite musician: Airborne Toxic Event

Katelyn (Kat) Grimmett is a third-year transfer at New College. She wants to have an AOC in Literature and ideally slash in Anthropology but will probably end up having an English AOC because, in truth, she’s getting a liberal arts degree here anyway. However, she plans on retaining a focus in culturally diverse literature and exploring the human-earth relationship through an anthropological eye. Katelyn enjoys the simple things such as gardening, taking kat-naps, going on long drives, eating fruit and being an angry fairy. She hopes to take advantage of any and all of the traveling opportunities that are presented in her life. Her watch-anytime movie is Kill Bill and her listen-to-anytime band is the Airborne Toxic Event. The End.

Pronouns: She/Her

Year: Thesis

Time Spent on Catalyst Staff: 5 terms

AOC: General studies

Publication of Choice (other than the Catalyst/Tangent): St. Louis Post Dispatch

Fun fact: I have a cute doggy named Ziggy.

Just a gal from Stl trying to get by.


Dylan Levi-Pryor

Pronouns: He/him

Year: 4th

Time spent on Catalyst staff: 3 terms

AOC: Political Science/Economics

Way of life: #TruBlu

Dylan is a thesis student from Davie, Florida at New College studying Political Science with a slash in Economics. He is writing his thesis on the impact of special interests on collective representation in policymaking. His other writing experience includes helping to cover the 2016 Spring Session of the Florida Legislature for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the inaugural Semester in Tallahassee program for the school’s Communications and Marketing Department. His next move after New College is to go to law school, although he would definitely be interested in a government or policy related job along the way.

Pronouns: He/Him
Year: First-year Transfer
AOC: Both Philosophy and Psychology
Zodiac: Libra
Favorite Bands: The Beatles and Pink Floyd
Jordi is an ENFP personality type and a lover of life, radical ideas, poetry, life changing quotes, creating his own chill acoustic music (singer/songwriter style), making people laugh, and anything involving getting to swim in water. Meditation and appreciation for nature have speedingly consumed his life and journalism has always been an interest for him.

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