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Giulia Heyward

Pronouns: She/Her

Year: Thesis

AOC: Publication Studies (Specialized AOC)

Home town: Miami

Semesters spent on the Catalyst: 7

Giulia L. Heyward is a thesis student at the New College of Florida. She is also one of the editors of the school’s undergraduate research journal, Aeolus. She is the founder/photographer behind the As We Are New College Project, the Publication Relations Officer for the school’s Black Student Union and one of the members of the Black History Month Planning Committee. Her work has been previously published in publications such as Unravel, Nimbus, Columbus Monthly, and Columbus Alive!

Managing Editor

Magdalene Taylor

Pronouns: She/Her

Year: Thesis

AOC: Media & Cultural Studies (Specialized AOC)

Favorite bands: Korn, The Dixie Chicks

Zodiac sign:Cancer sun, Taurus moon, Virgo rising

Magdalene is a thesis student pursuing Media & Cultural Studies, an AOC that does not really exist here. Her main academic interests are Insane Clown Posse and Lacan. The former is the topic of her thesis. In addition to being the Tangent’s Writing Coach, she is also a contributing writer for BrooklynVegan. She has a bad habit of taking naps after 7pm. If you’re reading this, please hire me.

Copy Editor/Writing Coach

Ryan Paice

Pronouns: He/Him

Year: Thesis

AOC: English

Interests: Sports, the Boston Celtics, writing, being happy

Semesters spent on the Catalyst: 8 Ryan is originally from NH, but has spent the last seven years of his life in Florida. His favorite movie is The Dark Knight, and his favorite TV show is Breaking Bad. He is tall but ironically dislikes heights. Almost always wearing kelly green.

Layout Editors

Jordi F. Gonzalez



Home town: 


Favorite Bands: 

Online Editor

Jacob Wentz Pronouns: He/Him Year: Second Home town: Ocala AOC: International Studies / French / Music Interests: Saxophone, jazz, casual running, graphic design Jacob is a second-year student interested in international relations, communications and business, and aspires to find a career that permits travel. He enjoys Goldfish crackers, electronic music production and animals of all sizes. Jacob secretly can’t wait until he’s 32 and has a husband, a labradoodle and kids. He just wants to settle down and be a rad sax dad and make his nana and gran-gran proud.



Staff Writers and Photographers

Miranda “Mana” Gale Pronouns: She/Her Year: Thesis AOC: Philosophy Home town: Indian Shores / Seminole Semesters spent on the Catalyst: This is her first semester on the Catalyst   Mana enjoys coconut LaCroix, taking naps with cats, and pairing mules with perfectly fitted jeans. She blogs about food/whatever comes in front of her lens and enjoys writing short fiction about angels and Florida. Someday, she would really like take photos for weddings or fashion lookbooks or nature or something.

Noah Baslaw Pronouns: He/Him Year: Third AOC: Human Pluralism Home town: Eugene, Oregon Semesters spent on the Catalyst: This is his first semester on the Catalyst

I support the global insurrection against banker occupation, and I hope to spread financial literacy in this increasingly financialized world. I have always loved songs and questions.

Cole Zelznak Pronouns: He/Him Year: Thesis AOC: History Home town: Tallahassee Semesters spent on the Catalyst: This is his first semester on the Catalyst

Cole collects vintage magazines and works at the campus bike shop. He wants to go into archiving or maybe emergency management, he’s not sure. Cole likes writing about history but can’t wait to finish his thesis.

Azia Keever Pronouns: She/Her Year: Thesis AOC: Literature Home town: Key Largo Semesters spent on the Catalyst: This is her first semester on the Catalyst Azia is often found underneath her carrell in the Jane Bancroft library trying to find a comfortable position to read a book. She enjoys sailing, lemon-lime Gatorade, new office supplies, and accidentally checking out too many books, way more than she can get to before she has to return them. When not underneath her suffer cubby, she enjoys taking leisurely walks to get more lemon-lime Gatorade at the local Shell.

Michala Head Pronouns: She/Her Year: Third AOC: Anthropology Home town: Sarasota Zodiac: Pisces Michala enjoys writing, reading, and painting. When she is not trying to be artsy or studying anthropology, you can usually find her at the gym or listening to music whilst walking around in the blistering, Florida heat. She also loves hanging out with animals and will definitely ask to pet your dog.


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