Poem submitted by Samantha Krell
National Poetry Month 2020

Help Us, Oh God, To Understand

What did you do for food?
      A.   sewed; a stitch for every cent
      B.   prayed arms folded aching    knees
      C.   a woman should not touch    money
          “ I feel like he is treating me
            like a dog ”

As for your inheritance?
      A.   Jerry; a proper housewife
      B.   an escape from intercision
      C.   a man; kind eyes; a lie
      D.   ivory painkiller: 80/g
      E.   both C and D

The party begins?
      A.   when jerry leaves I/ think
      B.   vagabonds however/ always welcome
      C.   as white powder runs/ red
      D.   no end nor inchoate

You fell in love; how?
      A.   slowly, each day
      B.   Commitment no longer required
      C.   as the drip hit my throat
      D.   my blood vessels sang
        “ Not a good night “

Jerry tight fisted; Christmas?
      A.   belly danced across town
      B.   daughters worth more than my body
      C.   dolls made; sold for nicer dolls
      D.   Julekake leaking candied fruit

Motorcycle into canyon wall?
      A.   decade old gravel still bubbles in my knee
      B.   nancy and I like Antaeus
      C.   searching for a fight; even a wall will do
      D.   hospitals unpleasant

      A.   A moocher; gardien perfume (to cover the fat roll reek)
      B.   We met on the road to hell
      C.   A good friend
      D.   All of the above

Love destroyed?
      A.   tired of being an animal
      B.   Jerry = noose
      C.   loved as a          slave
      D.   trusted the same

Daughters left for secret son;
did they feel you in the night?
      A.   I would never really leave them
      B.   Soft kisses upon sleeping brows
      C.   Tendrils brushing hair from eyes
      D.   I am with them, always

His father?
      A.   Tall, handsome; kind when all
            I craved       love
      B.   He played dolls with my daughter
      C.   Blue eyes; my son the same striking sapphire
      D.   A mistake

Joy found you in what form?
      A.   As kindness; commitment
      B.   Letters; Jerry would not have courage to write
      C.   In the crinkle of Burts eyes
      D.   The man I was destined to love

      A.   solace found in a boy half my age
      B.   fists upon my face
      C.   hid the heartbreak
      D.   Tetanus in my blood; worth it.