Friday, 28 July 2017

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Summer arts events in (or around) SRQ

  Finding things to do in the SRQ area can be difficult, especially in the off-season or for students who haven’t stayed in Sarasota for the summer before. Here is an assortment of concerts and museums in the SRQ area…


Booker Middle launches hydroponics program

Devin Slegeski held a packet of lettuce seeds up to his eighth grade science class at Booker Middle and asked, “What am I holding here?” The kids responded with conviction: seeds – duh. “Wrong,” Slegeski said. “I’m holding $15,000.” That’s…

dance collective

A night of plies and hoorays: Dance Collective

The anticipation was palpable in the room. There is magic and mystery in the moments before a show, when an auditorium is pitch black and all one can do is wait for whatever comes next.What followed was a crowd-pleaser, as…

Professor Alfred Beulig with students in 1979. Photo courtesy of New College Digital Collections
Sergeant Jennifer Coley is the lead instructor of the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) classes taught once a semester, and once during the summer.
Protestors showed up in funeral attire, or in one case, the grim reaper.
The balcony on the right has been used to test leaks. It has four sliding glass door panes as opposed to three.