The Feminist sit-in turned sleep-in

With only about 50 years and 5,000 alums under our belt, I’m frequently taken aback by the immense, enthralling and unique history our tiny college possesses. While browsing through New College’s digital and physical archives, moments arise when I imagine our campus as a series…


Not so NEW College: The Old Bookstore recording space

The Band Room and Recording Studio, a relatively under-utilized room, is tucked behind double doors in the mail room. It’s a space most students rarely enter, and its companions in the small hallway – the EQTA room and the NCSA storage room – offer a…


Not So NEW College – The Space Committee

The New College campus includes a surprisingly large sprawl of over 60 buildings scattered between east and west campus. How to best use these buildings has been a forefront in the minds of administrators for decades, with frequent changes as the needs of the campus…


Dark times lay behind

New College has the dynamic combination of a small campus and a socially- and politically-active student body. Students have, since the inception of the college, remained vocal about their demand to have a say in what happens on campus and the need to address important…

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