Latinx club fosters ‘a community within a community’

(Photo courtesy of Anya Contreras-Garcia)


Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Catalyst will be featuring briefs focused on latinx narratives in order to celebrate the month (9/15-10/15)!


Salsa, cafecito and a diverse range of religions, races and beliefs all within a common identity. Latinx Club has brought popular student events such as Salsa^2 and the Cultural Diversity Festival. Spanish language faculty have received grants for research, such as the Bilingual Cubano American tutorial, that have brought Sarasota residents to campus. This semester, Latinx Club has big plans for New College.


The first Latinx Club meeting took place on Tuesday, Sept. 19 in the Old Mailroom in Hamilton “Ham” Center.


Latinx Club is run by its president, thesis student Jennyfer Gonzalez, who recently spent a year abroad in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Santiago, Chile. For her undergraduate thesis, Gonzalez plans to study the political climate of Venezuela, where her family is from.


This sentiment is shared by other latinx-identified students on campus.


“It’s important that a Latinx Club exists in order to highlight the lives and narratives of Latinx people who live here at New College,” third-year Paola Baez-Perez said. “It’s a chance for other latinx people at New College to meet each other and […] to be able to create a community within a community that you can relate with.”


Any students interested in joining Latinx Club can contact Jennyfer Gonzalez at


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